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Denisco has its current site at Jeedimetla, Hyderabad and a second site under construction at Bhongir, 65 kms from Hyderabad.


The Jeedimetla facility is situated on a 15,000 Sq Ft and is highly flexible in its operations.


It has multi-purpose GMP compliant reactors,  ranging from 650 lts to 3000 lts (both glass-lined and all-steel), piped material delivery systems and is well equipped to perform all critical, sensitive and hazardous reactions.


It operates under both standard temperatures (from -20 to 150 deg.C) and specialized temperatures (-80 to +250 deg.c).


Over 30 people are dedicated to both batch and continuous production. The production team is fully aware of and educated in cross-contamination, residual issues.


Our exclusive research and process development team has over 12 qualified personnel who are dedicated to new product development.


Denisco’s second site is coming up on 17 acre site 65 kms near Hyderabad with a planned combined capacity of and full Cgmp compliance.

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