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Denisco manufactures over 300 products from a kilo to Multi tonne levels in both batch and continous processes on its open platform and over 30 products under exclusive synthesis and agreements with customers.

Product portfolio includes Boronic Acids and derivatives, Acetylenic moieties, BOC-Protected reagents, complex acetophenones and benzaldehydes, hard to find Azetidines, carbazoles, Pyrroles and Pyrazoles, Thiophenes and Thionoformates, Fluoroborates, Phosphonium salts etc.

Our product range demonstrates our versatility in handling various reagents, both hazardous and benign.

List of Products :
  Acetals   Acetylenes   Azetidines
  Benzaldehydes   Biphenyls   Boc-protected
  Boronics   Furans   Imidazoles
  Isoquinolines   Nitriles   Pyrroles
  Pyrazoles   Quinazolines   Quinolines
  Tetralones   Thiophenes   Miscellaneous
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